El Paso Episode Music

By Ryan Brace | September 10, 2013

MacGoffin Home – The Lost Pines “Wagon Wheels” WEBSITE   iTUNES

Town –  Radio La Chusma “Tavo”   WEBSITE   iTUNES

Border Monument – Richie Lozano and Mark Wilson original

L&J Cafe – Radio La Chusma “Oya”   WEBSITE   iTUNES

Concordia Cemetery John Wesley Hardin – Sugar Bayou “Salt Creek”   WEBSITE   iTUNES

Rockebuster Boots – Brownout “Homenaje”   WEBSITE   iTUNES

Franklin Mountains State Park – Sugar Bayou “Firefly”   WEBSITE   iTUNES

Chicos Tacos – Vallejo “Take Me Away”   WEBSITE   iTUNES

Wyler Aerial Tramway – Shortwave Party “Terez”   WEBSITE 

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