#MyDaytripper Contest

By Linsey Thut | April 1, 2020

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In light of the current situation, we’ve revamped this contest to give y’all something fun & educational to pass the time at home!

Attention all PARENTS & TEACHERS: Do you love exploring? Want an exciting way to teach your kids new things about your own hometown or backyard? Can your kids make a video or visual presentation about it? Great! Listen Up!

We’re hosting a contest and learning project for students to create a presentation of where they’d film an episode of “The Daytripper.” We want them to take us on a virtual trip using a visual presentation and teach us something new. Choose your backyard, neighborhood or even a place you’ve never been but always wanted to go! Sky’s the limit here, folks, just be creative!

We’ll be choosing our favorites and the students with the best presentations will win a NEW Dell Chrome for Enterprise AND their school teacher will win a NEW Dell Precision! Scroll down for contest rules and how to enter. Right now there is no deadline, we just want y’all to have something fun to focus on!

How to Enter

1. Make a visual presentation (it could be a photo collage, slideshow presentation, video of 5 minutes or less, etc.) about where you’d trip if you could. You could do this with a group, as part of a class project, or on your own. It be could be about your hometown, a nearby city, or just your grandma’s house. Just be creative!

This isn’t just a Texas contest, so research about anywhere you like.

2. Once you create your visual masterpiece, submit your video using the form below.

3. You can even share your masterpieces on social media using #MyDaytripper. We may share it on The Daytripper’s Facebook page! Just remember, to enter the contest, you must complete the form below!

Videos will be judged on:

Creativity – Come up with a cool & unique way to show your own Day Trip ideas!

Storytelling – What is it you want your audience to learn?

Production Quality – Show us how you can make a cool visual presentation using things around your home!


If your video is selected as the winner, you and all the students in your group (up to 4 people) will win a New Dell Chrome for Enterprise, and the school teacher of your choice will win a NEW Dell Precision (just like the ones “The Daytripper” crew uses to create the show!)

Contest Rules

To be considered, you must follow these guidelines:

1. Entry groups may be no larger than 4 members. All members of the group must be in Grades 1-12.

2. We are only accepting digital submissions. Please no mailed-in entries. Make sure your shared files have the right privacy settings so we can access them. If you choose to make a video, it must be 5 minutes or less in length.

3. Videos must be submitted through the Google form below to be considered. You are free to share them on social media as well with the hashtag #MyDaytripper, but that alone does not count as your contest entry.

4. The winning projects will be 100% up to The Daytripper crew in its sole discretion.


The contest lasts through the summer so good luck y’all! Scroll down for the Google Form to enter.

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