Come and explore both the wilder and more refined sides of Big Bend Country! If the national park is a 10, then Big Bend Ranch State Park is a rough and tumble wilderness experience dialed up to 11. And for those looking to relax in a hacienda-style desert oasis, look no further than the beautiful Lajitas Golf Resort.


Meet Mayor Clay Henry, IV

You simply can’t visit Lajitas without greeting their famous mayor, Mr. Clay Henry, IV! He might just be the only politician out there who never dodges a question…since he can’t answer any. Mr. Henry lives and governs next to Lajitas General Store.

Lajitas Golf Resort

You’d never guess that in the middle of one of the most inhospitable areas of Texas you’d find an oasis with a zipline, a spa, a golf course, stand up paddle boarding, and more! Lajitas Golf Resort can be your launchpad to the greater Big Bend Country, and it can also be your destination in itself, with no shortage of on-site activities. Black Jack Crossing, described as “The Best Golf Course in Texas,” is rich with scenic views of the big bend of the Rio Grande: a unique mix of mountain, canyon, and desert that create the ultimate golfing experience.

Barton Warnock Visitors Center

Barton Warnock Visitors Center serves as the eastern entrance for Big Bend Ranch State Park, which in some parts still functions as a working cattle ranch. Make sure you stop in to learn about the unique high desert flora and fauna of this roughest and wildest area of Big Bend Country. And keep an eye out in the solitario (the interior of the park) – the Mexican black bear population is making a comeback!


Lajitas Golf Resort (Dining Options)

Lajitas Golf Resort has a host of different dining options, and they are all delicious! Take your pick from Candelilla Cafe, the Thirsty Goat Saloon, Boardwalk Bakery and Pizzeria, or the Lajitas General Store and Deli, where you can supply your day trip adventures before you head out on the trail.


Big Bend Ranch State Park

Welcome to the other side of nowhere! Big Bend Ranch State Park offers outdoor recreation for the truly adventurous. This remote park features rugged mountains, steep canyons, amazing views, unparalleled night skies, and solitude in a high desert setting. And while you’re out there, don’t forget to go and dig up Dom. Here’s to you and all your future day trips!

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