Kingsland, TX

Imagine a place flowing with pristine rivers and lakes, a place with vineyards as far as the eye can see, and home-cooked food so delicious you’ll feel like you’re eating a royal feast.  That is a land fit for a king, which is exactly why they call it KINGSLAND.  The true beauty of this Kings…land doesn’t lie in the city, but in its surroundings which contains tons of things to do. Kingsland sits along the Colorado River and the beautiful Lake LBJ.  It also straddles the border between Burnet and Llano counties.  Both Lake LBJ and the nearby Inks Lake are constant level lakes, meaning the lakes stay full year round when other Texas lakes dip due to droughts.  To experience Lake LBJ, start at the Lake LBJ Yacht Club and Marina.  Don’t worry, this isn’t a snooty yacht club, but a down-home, hill country place to rent a boat or play at the Granite Beach Waterpark full of inflatable water toys.  The waterpark is open weekends Memorial to Labor Day. If you are looking for history, check out Kingsland’s Antler’s Inn, built in 1901 as a resort and refuge for railroad workers and travelers.  Also on property is the actual house from the filming of the 1974 classic Texas Chainsaw Massacre.  The house has received a new coat of paint and doesn’t look as terrifying as it once did, but if you cock your head just right, you can almost hear the grind of a distant chainsaw.  Today the home serves up delicious cuisine as the Grand Central Cafe.  And the steaks are way better than the ones Leatherface whipped up. If you are looking for grub, head for a delicious burger or chicken fried steak at the local Hoover’s Valley Cafe, one of the few remaining relics of a long-forgotten town.  And if you want a view to go with that food, head to On The Rocks, a delicious homemade Italian joint perched atop a tall cliff and overlooking Lake LBJ. Finally, if you are looking to truly feel like a king, head to one of the area’s wineries.  I highly, highly recommend visiting the Martin family of Perissos Vineyards.  Beyond being incredibly nice, they are making some of the finest wines in Texas.  Visit in July and August and you can even help them harvest and stomp the produce!