Killeen, TX

Many see Killeen as a military stop, but few see it for the Central Texas hotbed of history and food that it is.

After soldiers explore the world, many come back with appetites for the foods of the world and so Killeen has an amazing collection of foreign restaurants.  My favorites are C&H Hawaiian Grill, Partin’s Jamaican Bakery, Korean Kitchen, and the Chinese Dragon.

For the history of Fort Hood, check in at the gate, then proceed to explore the many artillery fields with tanks, guns, and helicopters, then head indoors to explore the 1st and 3rd Cavalry museums, honoring two of the decorated divisions stationed at Fort Hood.

To explore the outdoors, head to BLORA or Chalk Ridge Falls below Stillhouse Lake.
And if the military base and museums make you hungry for warfare, head to Mandatory Fun Paintball Field.