chet in jefferson cross-dressed as a woman

Jefferson, TX

While Jefferson may fully deserve its title as the “B&B Capital of Texas,” it also deserves its title as “The Most Haunted Small Town in Texas.

To see the history of Jefferson, I recommend a carriage ride with Lone Star Carriages, and then a stop into the Jefferson Historical Museum occupying the old Federal Building.

If the history leaves you hungry, head to the Hamburger Store for a delicious burger and to pin a dollar bill on the wall.  Wash that burger down with a  praline or milkshake from the Jefferson General Store.

And once you are ready to dig into the haunted history of Jefferson, step into the Jefferson Hotel, read the story of Diamond Bessie, and then grab a tour of The Grove, which is the most haunted home in Jefferson.

To experience the beautiful side of northeast Texas, but one that is just as scary, in its own swampy way, head to Caddo Lake.  The State Park is a great way to experience the lake.  BUT – if you want to really explore the lake, grab a tour with Caddo Outback tours.  John will be happy to help you out. And when you are done, grab some fried catfish from Riverbend Restaurant.