Spooky, TX

Texas is full of cowboys, BBQ, history, and…ghosts.  Or at least legends of ghosts.  Yes, travel anywhere in the Lone Star State and you’ll encounter tales of otherworldly spirits and unwelcoming wraiths.  Every small town seems to have its story.  We’ve encountered MANY of them on the road and have put them all together into one episode we call “Spooky, TX.”

Spooky, TX is not an actual place.  It only exists in our minds, but its a town where all the spirits and legends from around Texas gather together for one insanely “spooky” trip.  This stories in this episode include:

  • Baby Head Cemetery (Llano, TX)
  • Caldwell County Museum (Lockhart, TX)
  • Driskill Hotel (Austin, TX)
  • Firehouse Bar (Austin, TX)
  • The Grove (Jefferson, TX)
  • Longhorn Cavern State Park (Burnet, TX)
  • Marfa Mystery Lights (Marfa, TX)
  • Moonshine Patio Bar & Grill (Austin, TX)
  • San Antonio Ghost Tracks (San Antonio, TX)
  • Susanna Dickinson House Museum (Austin, TX)
  • BIGFOOT and the Village Creek Paddling Trail (Silsbee,TX)

This includes some new stories from the good folks at Austin Ghost Tours.  If you ever want to learn about the “other side” in Texas’s capital city, I highly recommend a tour.