Behind the Scenes in Palestine, TX!

In Palestine, we got ourselves into all kinds of crazy adventures like hunting Big Foot, checking out some giant weather balloons and even….doing choreography — a Daytripper first! Check out the video for a peek behind the scenes of this epic episode!

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Behind the Scenes in San Antonio, TX!

We recently tripped to Central San Antonio to film an episode for Season 8 and had a blast! We paid our respects at the Alamo, stuffed ourselves with classic Tex-Mex, cruised down the River Walk and more!  Here’s a peek behind the scenes at our wild time!

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Behind the Scenes in Conroe, TX!

Get a peek behind the scenes as we filmed the Conroe episode! Sometimes things get wild while we’re filming…watch the video below to watch our crazy adventure!

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Are y’all getting hyped up for Season 8? Here’s a behind-the-scenes look at the awesome time we had while filming our Boerne episode! Check it out below:

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Hey y’all, we are already filming for Season 8 of The Daytripper! We recently filmed an episode in Taylor, TX where we ate TONS of BBQ and met alot of awesome people! Watch the video below for a BEHIND-THE-SCENES look at our trip!

Behind the Scenes at the Daytripper

Ever wonder what goes on behind the scenes at the Daytripper? Well here’s a glimpse behind the scenes through the lens of our Summer intern, Linsey Thut.