The EPIC Swimming Holes Road Trip

Hey folks! We’re celebrating summertime with our partner Austin Area Chevy Dealers and giving you some ideas for awesome road trips around the Austin area. Since the Texas heat is already in full swing, we thought we’d start with a swimming holes road trip to help you stay cool this summer. Time to get wet!


Blue Hole – Georgetown, TX

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Inside the city limits of Georgetown is Blue Hole, where you can take a dip in the San Gabriel River or just layout on the grassy banks and catch some sun, all within walking distance of some amazing Mexican food and a tasty slice of pie.

Barton Springs Pool – Austin, TX

Right in the heart of Texas’s Capital city is Barton Springs Pool with refreshingly cold waters of 68 degrees to keep you cooled off year round. Say “hello” to the rare Barton Springs Salamander hiding beneath the rocks.

 Hamilton Pool – Dripping Springs, TX

Hamilton Pool in Dripping Springs is a Texas oasis. Partially covered by a massive limestone grotto, you’ll find this pool has tons of shade and lots of beautiful cascading waterfalls to splash in.

Zedler Mill – Luling, TX

The dam at this historic 1874 mill in Luling doubles as an EPIC swimming hole in the San Marcos River. Float in the cool waters down below, or if you’re feeling really daring, climb the towering tree hanging over the river and dive in!

Rio Vista Park – San Marcos, TX

Dive into the Comal River at the Rio Vista Park in San Marcos. This park mixes equal parts lazy river and white water-rafting with a pretty intense “chute” formed by a hole in the rocks across the river. Hop in for one wild time!

Blue Hole – Wimberley, TX

Head to Blue Hole in Wimberley, TX, to rope swing into this quaint swimming hole on Cypress Creek or just spend a lazy day floating in the creek.

Krause Springs – Spicewood, TX

Krause Springs in Spicewood is Texas beauty at its best. Underneath a canopy of luscious green trees, you’ll find a refreshing pool fed by 32 natural springs keeping the waters cold and an awesome rope swing to keep you entertained. Look closely for caves and waterfalls worth exploring along the banks.

Devil’s Waterhole – Burnet, TX

Head to Inks Lake State Park in Burnet for a more adventurous swimming hole, the Devil’s Waterhole, that got it’s name from the pink granite cliffs that tower over the lake, inviting those who are brave enough to take the plunge into the cold waters 40 feet below.

The Slab – Kingsland, TX

Picture by Lakes and Hills Publications.

This might just be one of Kingsland’s best kept secrets — where the Llano River runs into this granite slab of rock, you’ll find the perfect swimming hole for wading, fishing or tubing. You can find the Slab where Ranch Road 3403 crosses the river. 

10 Festivals to ROCK your Summer!

Keep the party going this summer with these 10 festivals around Texas celebrating everything from fajitas and cheeseburgers to hot air balloons and mosquitoes. It’s a surefire way to have the best summer ever!

 The Great Texas Balloon Race – Longview, TX

On July 28-30, join the folks of Longview for three days of balloon races, live music and tons of fun. Don’t miss the Special Shapes Spectacular on Friday and Saturday to see giant floating balloons shaped like Tweety Bird, clowns, mice, Sylvester the Cat and more! Each night, see the hot air balloons lit up at the Balloon Glow.

Tall City Blues Fest – Midland, TX

Get a taste of the blues in Midland at this festival July 14-16. The city will be hosting performances by famous musicians all around historic downtown, leading up to an incredible Saturday night finale featuring Victor Wainwright, winner of the 2016 B.B. King Entertainer of the Year, and the multi-award winning Santini-Jensen Project wrapping up the event on Saturday night. Tickets start at $20.

Friona Cheeseburger Festival – Friona, TX

If you’re a burger fanatic, this festival on July 15 in “The Cheeseburger Capital of Texas” might just be your meaty dream come true. Each year, the folks of this Panhandle town celebrate their location in the middle of the beef, wheat and dairy country with a day-long burger competition where each contestant must prepare 200 1/3 pound burgers to serve to judges and the crowd. So ditch the idea of a “beach bod” and get ready for one delicious day!

The Great Texas Mosquito Festival – Clute, TX

Picture by Shawn Maynard.

It ain’t a Texas summer without swarms of mosquitoes flying around! Join Clute, TX, on July 27-29 for three days of craft fairs, live music, tons of food and hilarious contests! Don’t miss the Mosquito-Calling Contest where contestants hoot and holler to see who can call in the fattest, juiciest mosquito, and the Mosquito Legs Contest – a goofy competition to see who’s got the best-looking mosquito legs! Don’t forget to take a picture with the world’s largest mosquito and the festival’s mascot, Willie-Man-Chew!

Rockin’ the River – Fort Worth, TX

Picture by the Trinity River Vision Authority.

Hit up Panther Island in Fort Worth for a rockin’ time this summer every Saturday until August 5. Grab your swimsuit and head to this FREE event where you can spend the day tubing the Trinity River with a cold beer, while listening to live music by awesome musical guests. Sound like heaven? Well it gets even better — each night concludes with a spectacular fireworks display!

Movies in the Park: Christmas in July – Boerne, TX

Celebrate Christmas in July with the folks in Boerne on July 28! On this magical night, Disney’s The Santa Clause will be shown at dusk at the Main Plaza, and Christmas fun will be provided by the Cibolo Creek Community Church. Arrive before the movie starts at 6:30 for even more Christmas cheer, snow and even a visit from Santa Claus, himself!

Viva Big Bend Music Festival – Big Bend Country

The cities of Big Bend Country have teamed up to bring you ONE EPIC music festival! From July 27-30, you can check out live performances from various artists including Aaron Watson, Doug Moreland and Shane Smith & The Saints at music venues across Fort Davis, Marfa, Alpine and Marathon. It’ll be one big party with food at many of the venues and fun that the kids can join in on too! Get your tickets now because they’re selling out fast!

Food Truck Summerfest – Corpus Christi

At this foodie festival in Corpus on July 22, you can chow down from a selection of over 45 local food trucks from noon to midnight. Be sure to save room — there’s also a Food Eating Contest! And when you need to walk off your eventual food coma, you can check out the various vendors at Arts & Crafts Alley, watch the kiddos play around at the Kid’s Truck Zone and listen to live music.

Fajita Festival – Houston

Picture by Grandma’s Boys Enterprise

Get your eat on at the Fajita Festival on July 22. Bring your appetite because throughout the day, you’ll have the chance to try different entries in the Fajita Cook-off and then vote for your favorite ones in the People’s Choice Fajita Contest! Besides just eating all the fajitas you can fit in your mouth, there will also be a Jalapeno Eating Contest, a Taco Eating Competition, a live mural painting and more!

Reunion Lawn Party – Dallas

Picture by Roderick Pullum.

Head to the Reunion Lawn on July 29 for a massive block party! Not only will there be live music, over 15 local food trucks and a large selection of local craft beers and wines, but you can also play lawn games like bocce ball and corn hole, rent frisbees and Nerf balls, and dance around with checked-out hula hoops, ribbons and bubbles at the event!

5 HOTTEST Spots in Texas!

July marks the start of the sweltering hot days in Texas. Just when you thought it couldn’t get any hotter, the temperature rises yet again. You could hide in the shade or under the water like a wimp, or you can toughen up and EMBRACE THE HEAT. Grab a few Gatorades and prepare for a sweaty good time at these 5 hottest cities, activities and spots that Texas has to offer. Warning: It’s about to get REAL HOT.

The Cities with Record-Breaking Temperatures

Looking for a weekend getaway? Perhaps you’d like to head to the spots where the hottest temperatures in Texas were ever recorded. It’s a tie between Seymour and Monahans, TX, for hottest temperatures ever recorded — both have hit a blazing heat of 120 degrees! So instead of surfing the cool, refreshing waves of a Texas beach, slide down the sandy waves of the Monahans Sandhills State Park for a truly scorching experience.

Sweat Lodge

If you really want to feel the burn, head to a Sweat Lodge. These lodges, like the one at Thunder Ranch in West Point, TX,  is part of an ancient, deeply spiritual Native American ritual. They believe that this practice of sweating helps purify the mind, body and soul. The covered lodge is heated to a blistering 100 degrees using hot rocks and steam as up to 20 participants sit in the small space, either meditating in silence or participating in ceremonial chanting. 

The Sweatiest City in Texas

Would you rather explore a sizzling metropolis? Then head to Space City. That’s right, Houston was declared the 3rd “Sweatiest City” in America after a 2015 study by the Honeywell Fans and Environmental Health & Engineering compared summer temperatures, humidity levels, wind speed and population density to see which cities produced the sweatiest situations.

Hot Yoga

Picture by Pure Yoga Austin

Pure Yoga Texas’s Bikram method hot yoga class will have you panting during your Downward Dog… The yoga class features a 26-posture yoga sequence done over a 90 minute session — but there’s a catch — the room is heated to 105 degrees for the entire session. It’s so hot that the yoga studio suggests that first timers count just staying in the burning room for the entire 90-minutes as a victory. I’m sweating buckets just thinking about it…

Hot Springs

If you must make a splash, then I suggest one of the Texas Hot Springs, which folks have been traveling to wade into for centuries because of their supposed “healing powers.” At Big Bend National Park, you can take a steamy dive into the Langford Hot Springs which is a boiling 105 degrees year round, and if you like it even hotter, then jump into the Chinati Hot Springs which is 110 degrees! Sure, it won’t have quite the same refreshing effect of diving into a cold swimming hole, but it’s soothing all the same.

10 INSANE Ice Cream Treats in Texas

The first few days of summer are upon us, which means it’s about to get real scorching hot — and you’ll be in dire need of a way to cool off. True, a simple scoop of ice cream is nice and all, but while others are “screaming for ice cream” (which is so cliche), your mouth will be so full of these 10 glorious, over-the-top creations, you won’t be able to make a peep. And there ain’t nothing wrong with that.

Lumi Snow Company– Fort Worth

Some days the only way to beat the Texas heat is with actual snow. These edible masterpieces from Lumi Snow are both stunning and sinfully sweet. Made up of flavored “snow,” a creation with the creaminess of ice cream and the powdery fluffiness of snow, these mounds are then piled with goodies ranging from popcorn and Oreos to marshmallows and cotton candy.

Milk N Cream – Dallas

Just one bite into these ice cream-stuffed donuts, and you’ll be convinced that this is how all ice cream should be served. A warm donut (plain or glazed) is sliced in half and stuffed full of fun ice cream flavors like bright blue-hued Cookie Monster or lilac Lavender, forming a colorful, ooey, gooey mess that’s somehow both warm and ice cold. Take it one step further and coat your sandwich with Fruity Pebbles, Cinnamon Toast Crunch or cookies.

SMOOSH Cookies – Houston

This food truck in Houston is taking the city by storm by up-cycling classic cookies and milk into spectacular ice cream cookie sandwiches. Your choice of ice cream is squished between two freshly baked cookies and  sprinkled with candy, bacon, strawberry jam or whatever combo tickles your fancy. And as if that wasn’t enough, you can also get cookie splits or sundaes, and on Fridays, you can get a CHURRO ice cream sandwich. ‘Nuff said.

Kuma – San Antonio

The folks at Kuma are bringing a little taste of Asian culture to Texas! Based off the Hong Kong street food “gai daan jai” (Hong Kong egg waffles), these over-the-top stacked cones look just as amazing as they taste. Choose between Asian-inspired ice cream flavors like matcha and lychee as well as classics like cookies and cream and unicorn-rainbow vanilla to be layered on top of the freshly made billowing egg waffles and stacked with all sorts of toppings like fresh strawberries, toasted marshmallows and Oreos for an out-of-this-world, Instagram-ready dessert!

 Cow Tipping Creamery – Austin & Dallas

Why settle for just a regular old sundae when you can get a “Stacker.” The dessert from Cow Tipping Creamery is as magnificent as you’d imagine something called a “stacker” to be, and is literally named after the ridiculous amount of goodies layered throughout and piled on top of the ice cream. With each bite, you’re sure to get a mouthful of sweet indulgence.

Magnolias Ice Cream and More – Houston

That humidity getting to you? Head to Magnolias Ice Cream and More for colorful icy creations with a spicy kick that will soothe even on the hottest summer day. If you’re craving a fruity treat, then the Chamoy Specialities — homemade sherbet piled with fresh fruit, mounds of candy and spicy Chamoy — are exactly what you need. You can also get a Raspa, which is a snow cone with a mangled mound of gummy candies, fruit and whipped cream on top.

 The House, Boozy Ice Cream – San Antonio

There’s nothing like a cold beer after a long day — but have you ever considered kicking back with a scoop of boozy ice cream instead? This ice cream shop in San Antonio serves up alcohol-infused scoops like Bourbon Vanilla and White Russian ice cream. You can even get alcoholic milkshakes! The shop also serves up non-alcoholic, kid-friendly flavors like Glazed Donut and Cereal Milk so there’s something for everyone!

Kamalan Bakery – Houston

The only fishy thing about this ice cream is the shape of the cone. Kamalan Bakery serves up taiyaki ice cream which is a modern twist on the traditional Japanese cuisine. Typically these fish-shaped cakes are stuffed with red bean paste, but at this Houston bakery you can get yours filled with frozen custard. Each cone comes with a smile and is topped with whipped cream, Pocky sticks and marshmallows.

 Sablon Chocolate Lounge – Dallas

Magnificent, chocolaty creations abound at this Dallas dessert lounge. And while just the name of the restaurant is enough to make anyone rush there as quickly as possible (because who doesn’t want to explore a “chocolate lounge”?), the Hazelnut Frappistas are what dreams are made of. This blended coffee drink comes in a Mason jar and is dripping with chocolate and topped with a DONUT. As if that weren’t enough indulgence to keep us in a choco-coma for the rest of our days, starting July 1st, Sablon will also offer “Grand Chocoshakes” stacked with an insane amount of goodies like brownies, cookies and candies!

Taco Sweets – Austin

Austin is quite famous for its taco stands, but this taco shop swaps out shells for waffle cones, meat for ice cream and salsa for chocolate sauce — and the result is a sweet treat that every Texan deserves. Choose between a chocolate or vanilla “taco” shell then choose your ice cream filling and top it with all the fixin’s like fruit loops, Reese’s, marshmallows or Oreos. And just like each taco needs a little guac and queso, don’t forget to douse yours in Nutella, Caramel or chocolate sauce.

51 Things to do in Georgetown, TX!

Georgetown – that quaint little town 30 miles north of Austin – isn’t as sleepy as it used to be. In fact, it’s exploding with food, outdoors and culture. If you haven’t been yet, well here are 51 ideas to get you motivated.

1. Take a stroll around the Georgetown Square (known as the “most beautiful” in Texas)

Blue Hole

2.  Dive into the cool waters of Blue Hole

3. Frolic in the Poppies in the “Red Poppy Capital of TX”

4. Dine on interior Mexican food with a view of the river at El Monumento

5. Sip a glass of some of Texas’s finest wines at a local winery

6. Take a break on Friday evening with Music on the Square

7. Explore underground at Inner Space Caverns

8. Saddle up to the bar and enjoy a slice of pie at Monument Cafe

9. Learn about Dan Moody, Texas governor and prosecutor of the KKK, at the Historic Williamson County Courthouse

The Square at Christmas

10. Wander through the twinkling Square at Christmastime

11. Burn your taste buds off with Mikey V’s Hot Sauce

12. Have a picnic in the park

13. Grab a gourmet slice of pizza at 600 Degrees

14. Sip a margarita and watch the sunset at Dos Salsas

15. Discover your inner child with toys, candy and ice cream at All Things Kids

Three-legged Willie

16. Enjoy Texas craft brews with the locals at Mesquite Creek Outfitters

17. Paddle the San Gabriel River

18. Take a picture with three-legged Willie

19. Cruise around town with a bike from the Visitor Center

20. Follow the scent of meat and chow down at Black Box Barbeque

21. Tour the historic and picturesque Grace Heritage Center

22. Graduate with a degree in Burger Consumption at Burger University

Inner Space Caverns

23. Have a romantic date night at Wildfire or The Hollow

24. Enjoy brunch with a view at Gumbo’s

25. Check out the artwork and statues around town

26. Test your strength at the Georgetown Challenge Course

27. Explore the river from the hike and bike trail

28. Eat your weight in breakfast tacos at El Charrito

Mikey V’s Hot Sauce

29. Walk through a Winter Wonderland at the Christmas Stroll

30. Get away for the weekend at one of Georgetown’s unique hotels

31. Have the time of your life with live music, a craft fair and more at Red Poppy Fest in April

32. Shop till you drop at Wolf Ranch Town Center

33. Feed ducks at San Gabriel Park

34. Experience unique artwork at the Georgetown Art Center

35. Paint your own masterpiece at Pinot’s Palette

Georgetown Challenge Course

36. Find gifts, gadgets and goodies at the shops on the Square

37. Cool off in the summertime with an icy treat from Hula Cowgirl Shaved Ice

38. Rock out on custom guitars at Ken’z Guitars

39. Grab a sweet treat that’ll have you saying “ooh la la” at Galaxy Bakery

40. Soak up the sun on Lake Georgetown

41. Drink an ice cold beer on tap at Rentsch Brewery

42. Explore the beauty of Southwestern University, the oldest in Texas

43. Get fitted for a true cowboy hat at Nathaniel’s Custom Hats

El Monumento

44. Go fishing for a whopper

45. Enjoy a cup o’ Joe and a conversation at Cianfrani

46. Hit the Georgetown Rodeo in June

47. Learn about Georgetown and the county at the Williamson Museum

48. Catch a play at the Palace Theater

49. Rent a stand up paddleboard and SUP Lake Georgetown

50. Make a splash at the Downtown Splash Pad

51. Relax and have the time of your life

This list is just a small taste of the adventures you’ll find in Georgetown. For more information, watch the new GTX Trippin’ video or head to

11 Gifts for your DadTripper

Here at The Daytripper, we love DADS and understand that they are essential to trippin’ the great state of Texas. We wouldn’t be here, ourselves, if it weren’t for all the cheesey jokes, road trips, and constant support from our own fathers. So we’ve rounded up some of the greatest Texified gifts for Dad that we could find in the Daytripper General Store. It’s time to show the Dadtripper in your life how much you love him — corny jokes and all!

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These Gifts For His Favorite Drink

If Dad’s favorite thing to do after a long day is recline with a cold beer, then he’ll love the Daytripper Koozie and Stainless Steel Pint Cup! With the pint cup and koozie, his drink will stay colder longer on those blazing hot days and every one will know that he’s a Tripper too! And you can get these 20% off with the code: DADTRIPPER.

This Book Chock Full of Dad Facts

Is your dad the kind of guy who must stop and read every historical sign, building and marker along the way? Does he have random but interesting facts about every town, site and city? Then this is the perfect trippin’ guide for him. History along the Way goes deep into the stories of more than 100 roadside historical markers, so he’ll be able to stock his supply of dad facts.

These Nalgene Bottles Perfect for Barbecuing or Exploring

We all know it’s important to stay hydrated, and that goes for dad, too! Whether he’s sweating by the smoker filled with brisket or exploring one of the beautiful state parks in Texas, this Daytripper Water Bottle will keep him and his water nice and cool. So head on over to the store and getcha one with the discount code: DADTRIPPER.

This Perfect DadTripper Road Snack

Whether dad’s hitting the road with you and the family for a trip across Texas or traveling for work, he deserves a snack that’s just as awesome as he is! So buy him a few packs of Whittington’s Jerky — which is slow-smoked, all natural and very flavorful, and has been around for over 50 years! In our store, we’ve got Hot and Original Beef, as well as traditional Turkey.


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  This Book About his Favorite Parks

If your Dadtripper has climbed every rock, swam in every river and hiked every trail of Texas’s great State Parks, then give him this book where he can take his outdoor love one step further, and learn the history behind each of these parks and how many of them got their starts.

These Dad-Joke Journals

If Dad’s chockful of corny dad jokes, then help him keep up with all his funnies in one of these Daytripper Journals. These Leeman New York Tuscany writing journals feature a soft faux leather, so dad will feel like a real Indiana Jones whether he’s tripping Texas, jotting down his ideas for the next trip or just gathering all his best dad jokes in one epic notebook! And best of all? It’s 20% off with the code DADTRIPPER.


This Manly Gift for his Beard

Perhaps the way to Dad’s heart is actually through his beard. Then show that you care both about him and his facial hair with Skinny’s Beard Balm. With a smooth face and a perfectly sculpted beard, your Dadtripper will be both happy and in style!

This Magical Manly Shirt

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This Hairy Shirt

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New Video and #GTXTrippin CONTEST

Trippers, we recently had the honor of creating a new video for our beloved hometown of Georgetown highlighting lots of the AMAZING things to do in Georgetown — and trust us, there’s TONS to do.

You can watch the video below, BUT what’s even more awesome?? We’re doing a CONTEST you can enter to win a #GTXTrippin Gift Basket filled with both Daytripper and Georgetown swag!  All you gotta do is head to Georgetown’s website and identify the five pictures of different places around town. If you guess all five correctly, you’ll be entered in a drawing to win the basket o’ swag AND every entry will receive a “Most Beautiful Town Square in Texas” koozie! So what are you waiting for?? CHECK IT OUT!

Trippin’ the “Texas Monthly” Top 50 BBQ List

Well, it happened again – Texas Monthly’s dropped their Top 50 Barbecue Joints list and the world went crazy. Not only did we get some new ideas for future trips, but we’re drooling over the sweet memories of moist meats, heavenly scents, and barbecue comas that we’ve experienced at some of the joints on the list that we’ve already visited, both on the show and in our free time!

To let you reminisce with us, we’ve compiled some clips and photos below. Check ’em out to experience these joints through the lens of “The Daytripper.” Just don’t lick the screen — you can’t taste these meats. Trust us – we’ve tried. But if you concentrate real hard, you can smell ’em….promise.

Here are some of the places we’ve visited on the show.

Louie Mueller BarbecueTaylor, TX (5th on the List)

Tejas Chocolate Craftory – Tomball, TX  (6th on the list)

Pecan LodgeDallas, TX

Cooper’s Old Time Pit Bar-B-QueLlano, TX

Kruez MarketLockhart, TX 

City Market Luling, TX

Here’s a few more we’ve been to but haven’t featured on the show!

Snow’s – Lexington (1st on the List)

Franklin BBQAustin, TX (2nd on the List)

Hays Co. Bar-B-QueSan Marcos, TX

Miller’s SmokehouseBelton, TX

Others we’ve visited include:

La Barbecue, Austin, TX; Stiles Switch BBQ, Austin, TX; Lockhart Smokehouse, Dallas, TX; Stanley’s Famous Pit BBQ, Tyler, TX;

Which restaurants have you tried?  Which are you dying to try?