The ULTIMATE Swimmin’ Holes Road Trip!!

Texas is HOT no matter the season, but especially in the summer. It’s a fact that every Texan must come to accept. Thankfully, God had the great foresight to give us the perfect remedy for scorching heat: the swimmin’ hole. That’s right, when the sun gets to sweltering, us Texans get to swimmin’. So to make sure you get your fill of cool, natural waters this summer, we’ve created the ULTIMATE Texas Swimmin’ Holes Road Trip. Grab your swimsuits, pack your sack lunch and get to splashing in these Hill Country hot spots!



1. Barton Springs Pool – Austin, TX


Now, your first stop will be in Austin, TX and though there’s alot you could do in this town to “Keep Austin Weird,” we’re really only concerned with keeping you cooled off. Right in the middle of this city is an urban oasis at Barton Springs Pool with refreshingly cold waters of 68 degrees year round. And while you’re here, be sure to say “hello” to the endangered Barton Springs Salamander swimming around your ankles. Click here to see our video about Barton Springs.

2. Blue Hole – Wimberley, TX


When you’ve had your fill of city fun, head southwest to Blue Hole in Wimberley, TX, a quaint swimmin’ hole that’s part of Cypress Creek. This swimmin’ hole is surrounded by towering trees which make for some awesome rope swinging. You could definitely spend the rest of your day just hanging around Blue Hole, but when you’re ready for more Texas-style summer fun, pack up and head to one of the most picturesque swimmin’ holes in Texas. Click here for our video at Blue Hole.

3. Hamilton Pool – Dripping Springs, TX

Hamilton Pool in Dripping Springs, TX

At this point, you may be a little weary of the sun beating down on you, which is why the next stop is Hamilton Pool in Dripping Springs, TX. This pool is partially covered by a massive limestone grotto making it a great place to float in the shade and get drenched by the waterfalls cascading off the cliffs —  all while taking tons of pictures to make all your non-roadtrippin’ friends jealous. Sit back with your sack lunch and enjoy a picnic on the shores of Hamilton Pool because this awesome road trip is only halfway through. To see our video of Hamilton Pool, click here.

4. Krause Springs – Spicewood, TX


The fourth stop on your road trip is Krause Springs in Spicewood, TX, which is Texas beauty at it’s best. Underneath a canopy of luscious green trees, you’ll find a refreshing pool fed by 32 natural springs keeping the waters cold and you happily soaked. And you can take your pick between man-made, spring-fed pool or natural swimmin’ hole. There are even caves and waterfalls for exploring along the banks and an awesome rope swing to keep you entertained. Click here to see our video at Krause Springs.

5. Devil’s Waterhole – Burnet, TX


After you’ve floated all you can float, head to Inks Lake State Park in Burnet, TX for a more adventurous swimmin’ hole, the Devil’s Waterhole. It’s easy to see that the spot’s nickname came from the pink granite cliffs that tower over the lake, inviting those who are brave enough to take the plunge into the cold waters 40 feet below. And if jumping from daring heights ain’t your thing, no worries — there’s still plenty of fresh water for floating and relaxing down below. Click here to see our video at the Devil’s Waterhole.

6. Blue Hole – Georgetown, TX

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The last swimming spot on your road trip is the Blue Hole in Georgetown, TX. While the swimming hole is still inside city limits, this town’s got a laid back pace, making it the perfect way to end your day. Take a dip in the San Gabriel River or just layout on the grassy banks and watch as the sun sets above you, letting your summer day slowly come to an end.  And if you start getting hungry again, we suggest that you travel on up the hill to the Monument Cafe for a warm home-cooked meal and a slice of pie that will definitely hit the spot after a day of fun.

Congratulations, you’ve officially swam, splashed and sun-bathed your way through the ULTIMATE Swimmin’ Holes Road Trip…now wake up and repeat for an epic summer!